Always Have Good Seasonings on Hand

Always Have Good Seasonings on Hand

Buy Cajun BBQ sauce, seasonings and more Based in New Orleans, LA

Want to change up your favorite home-cooked dishes with exciting new flavors? Bayhi Shake Products, LLC based in New Orleans, LA sells a variety of salts, seasonings and spices to bring out the best in your home cooking. Our Cajun BBQ sauce is a big hit for those who like to grill. You're sure to find something you love among our selection of locally-made products.40+ grocery stores in the Gulf Coast area carry our unique, spicy...

Need a gift for the self-taught chef in your life? Cajun BBQ sauce makes an excellent present. Bring home a bottle today.

Fill your spice rack with the best of the best

We make and sell some of the best Cajun seasonings in the bayou. Whether you're cooking up a big pot of gumbo or making your mom's special jambalaya, you'll be glad you have Bayhi Shakes Cajun seasonings in your spice cabinet.

Interested in buying our stuff? You can find our products in 40 local grocery stores. Call 985-256-8309 now to learn more about the best Cajun seasonings made based in New Orleans, LA spicing up the Gulf Coast.